The San Diego Backcountry Visitors Bureau (SDBVB) is your official guide to the high mountains of San Diego's backcountry. Our organization was founded as a community initiative & as a direct result of serious challenges with tourism development in the backcountry.

Over the last few decades, San Diego county has undergone major development to become the 5th most populous county in the United States. Over 30 million tourists visit San Diego annually. Amidst decades of mass development across the county; the backcountry remains intact in all its natural beauty & pristine heritage.

As the highest generator of income into the region; the tourism industry is one of our communities most important economic pillars. One of our biggest concerns has been finding the proper balance between tourism growth & the preservation of the region. As the tourism industry continues to play a major role in economic development, sustainable tourism & sustainable business models represent our most forward thinking growth strategy for the backcountry.

As a result of these findings & many others issues affecting our community; it was apparent that we were lacking an organization to raise awareness & advocate for this sort of business model. Things reached a turning point during the heavy snowfalls of 2017 when we witnessed multiple instances of reckless & dangerous behavior by visiting tourists. Our community seemed unprepared for the influx of visitors & we witnessed several other cases of major challenges with tourism throughout 2017.

We were finally formed by a group of Julianites in 2016 as the San Diego Backcountry Visitors Bureau. We were established as a nonprofit 501c6 in 2017. We work with various other institutions & non-profit organizations towards the preservation & sustainable development of our beloved backcountry.

"Our mission is to ensure sustainable development, preserve our backcountry heritage & promote the growth of responsible tourism"

As the stewards of these pristine regions, our community is very passionate about ensuring its preservation for generations to come. We strive to foster a culture of sustainability, environmental stewardship & conservation. We're involved in a wide range of initiatives & outreach efforts including; advocacy of responsible tourism & sustainable development, as well as raising awareness about the region's bio-diversity & heritage.

We're dedicated to improving tourism standards & encouraging tourism models that conform to our community character. We're here to advocate for the best interests of the Julian community - residents, businesses & visitors that share the love for the backcountry.

Our Objectives

Dedicated to the overall well-being, preservation & sustainable growth of the backcountry 

Education & Awareness

Our aim is to raise public awareness through numerous visitor & community outreach programs. These programs are designed to engender a culture of responsible tourism & environmental stewardship.


We work with decision-makers to ensure laws & policies are being continually enacted/updated to support sustainable development with economic growth.

Environmental Protection

We're involved in multiple environmental conservation initiatives & support the efforts of our State & County Parks, the Forestry Service & preserves. We carry out community clean-ups on a regular basis & other conservation oriented events.

Community Development

We’re dedicated to to advocating for the voices of the San Diego backcountry community - its residents, businesses & visitors.

Tourism Planning

We’re dedicated to improving tourism standards, managing tourism growth & supporting our tourism economy.

Resource Management

We're dedicated to ensuring the proper balance between conservation of our natural resources & tourism growth. We support & encourage sustainable development that minimizes the impact to the environment.

Board of Directors

We're a team of dedicated individuals with a passion for what we do. 

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